What is a Certified Fraud Examiner?

Fraud Examination

Once fraud is suspected, Brandon provides the essentials for resolving fraud allegations from inception to deposition. The examination includes investigative accounting as well as interviews, as necessary.


Brandon speaks to organizations about how and why fraud occurs and offers tips on preventing fraud in every type of organization.  In addition, Brandon can assess your organization for fraud risk.  This involves a 1-2 day visit to your organization or business to  (1) review your organization’s processes, procedures, and internal controls to identify significant weaknesses that can lead to easy opportunities for fraudulent activity and, (2) recommend changes to better safeguard your company’s assets.

Forensic Accounting

“Forensic” simply means suitable for use in court.  A forensic accountant is investigative in nature.  Brandon performs forensic accounting in fraud cases as well as in other situations.  Brandon has helped resolve business disputes among partners, divorce disputes, and losses in businesses not caused by fraud.